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Congratulations... on considering the addition of a First Generation Goldador!
We look forward to visiting with you about the addition of a Goldador into your family or canine-service needs. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Acquiring A High-Quality First Generation Goldador
From Little Buddy Goldadors

• Please watch the New Puppies page of our website for "new additions!"
• If a photo doesn't include: "I HAVE A FUREVER HOME!", then he or she is available.
• Please feel free to contact us prior to placing a non-refundable deposit toward your new puppy!
• Once you are comfortable with your choice, place a deposit toward your new Goldador.
• Once a deposit through PayPal is received, new expectant parents of a Little Buddy Goldador will receive an exclusive link to a website where you can watch live streaming of your new Goldador!
• Along with the Purchase Agreement, regular updates through Facebook, email, phone calls, or text messages on your puppy's progress will be provided toward pickup or shipment.*
• At 6 weeks of age, you will receive an email containing the balance owed on your Goldador Puppy through Google Pay. New Google Pay users will be asked to create a new account. As an option, we also accept a Money Order or Cashier's Check. Full payment is due at 7 weeks of the puppies age.
• Along with a new beautiful Goldador Puppy, new parents will receive a recommended list of preferred puppy food, any medications and-or suppliments administered, detailed pedigree information, and a Certificate of General Good Health issued by Dr. Clark, Veterinarian with Pet Care and Surgery Center, of Pittsburg, Kansas.

*While we will make arrangments for shipping your new puppy, we prefer face-to-face interaction and acclimation... we do understand however if this step is not possible. Also, according to Kansas and many other State Laws within the U.S. “shall not sell or exchange any dog or cat unless the dog or cat is at least eight weeks of age and has been weaned. “Weaned” means that an animal has become accustomed to taking solid food and has done so, without nursing, for a period of at least five days”...Credits (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 47-1712; effective, T-9-7-1-96, July 1, 1996; effective Nov. 15, 1996; amended, T-9-7-1-03, July 1, 2003; amended Nov. 7, 2003.)