Buddy Small

Our Original "Buddy" Goldador

It all started with a little puppy who... found us!

We were helping remodel a home in Pittsburg, Kansas when a young puppy without a collar ran up the steps of the back porch wagging its tail... The Mrs. looked down at the little one and said, "aren't you the cuttest little buddy!"... the puppy ran down the steps and away from view.

About fifteen minutes later, a white pickup truck with Animal Control Officer markings on the door slowly drove by... the Mrs. flagged down the officer and asked, "who are looking for? ...a little puppy was running loose around here earlier."

The officer commented, "I have him in the back" ...the Mrs. asked, "what are you going to do with him?"

The officer replied, "we'll keep him for ten days... then we will euthanize him" ...the Mrs. turns, looks at me and yells - "THEY ARE GOING TO KILL HIM!!!"

We explained to the officer, "the puppy is ours... sorry for the inconvenience" (wink - wink)... With a new puppy in our car, we began a journey that would change our lives, forever... beginning with a search for his original owner... After weeks of looking, the little guy was never too far away from our sides... His loyal and giving nature stayed with us for years to come!

Founded on the idea - we could share with others what first-generation Goldadors offer through an amazing combination of breeds, we opened "Little Buddy Goldadors"

First Generation Goldadors offer the BEST combination of traits from a Golden Retreiver and a Yellow Labrador experienced through an amazing journey of friendship, obedience, loyalty and intelligence... In honor of our original "Buddy" Goldador, we opened "Little Buddy Goldadors."