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Goldador puppies for sale at Little Buddy Goldadors are FIRST GENERATION puppies.

Our Goldadors are offspring from an AKC Registered Golden Retriever and AKC Registered Yellow Labrador.

Goldadors combine the best traits of both breeds, including the obedient, sensative, service-oriented hunting skills of the Yellow Labrador with the loyal, loving nature of the Golden Retriever.

If considering the addition of a Goldador, please review closely the breeder. Listed below are some helpful tips from the American Kennel Club when dealing with any dog breeder.

Finding A Reputable Breeder

• Visit the breeder's home or kennel and ask to see at least one of the puppy's parents. Get an idea of what the future holds for your dog in terms of temperament and appearance.
• Observe the premises. Is the house/kennel clean? Odor-free? Dogs and puppies should be clean, well fed, lively and friendly. Look for signs of malnutrition such as protruding rib cages or illness such as runny nose/eyes, coughing, lethargy and skin sores.
• Pay attention to how the dogs and puppies interact with their breeder. Does the breeder appear to genuinely care for the puppies and their adult dogs? Both dogs and puppies should not shy away from the breeder and should be outgoing with strangers.
• Find out about the health of your puppy and its parents. Breeders should be honest about... read more from American Kennel Club